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Minnesota, USA
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Thank you for coming to the Website!!! I am Billy Schwandt the owner of Our World Properties a Christian based company, made to serve the Lord and with the profound purpose in bringing the poor to Jesus. Our World Properties is only a marketing company and markets real estate properties that the price is already set and has no reflection on the selling price. Our World properties will also do everything it can to help you with getting the best price on the property you are interested in.  The company is sponsoring orphan children thru the Gospel of Asia in every sales they made. So if you buy any property thru Our World Properties, you’ll be able to help their mission in serving the Lord and not only that you’ll be able to help the less fortunate young children improve their way of life.
Our World Properties markets properties around to World in 14 Countries which includes the Philippines, Los Cobos Mexico, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Spain, Thailand and a lot more.
Please go to the About Page to See I am here to bring the poor to Jesus. Also see how going thru Our World Properties will help bring the poor to Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. 

Our World Properties started this marketing plan for the 21st Century and Internet age. Started marketing in the Philippines and  now in 14 Countries & Counting

Need Furniture? Once you buy a property or even already have one you may be interested in going to the Our World Furniture page to get some Fine Exotic Tropical Furniture to finish of your Home or whatever property you have. Once you go to the Our World Furniture page it will bring you to Companies that Our World Properties markets for to see all the Fine, Exotic, Tropical Furniture. Then when you go to the contact page go thru my email  to receive an additional discount on top of  the price you work out with the company!!!

Marketing Your Property? If you are interested in having Our World Properties market your property please go the the Seller Page and the Seller Signup Form  has the information about having Our World Properties market your property. Just fill out the form and push the submit button on the bottom of the page once you have filled out and Our World Properties will begin to market your Property. No matter how inexpensive or expensive it  is and from Apartment to Villa and Airport to Zoo. Commercial, Residential or Business, Our World Properties is happy to market for you no matter where in the World your Property is!!!

Do not see a property you are interested in? Thats no problem just email our World Properties what you are looking for, what area and the price range. Then Our World Properties will contact the Agent in that area to have them look for you to find the right property for you.

 Please also subscribe to my youtube channel to see the videos I have on many of the properties listed on the website.